Hydrea London Professional Exfoliating Spa Mitt Cream


Rejuvenate your skin and sweep away dead skin cells with our Exfoliating Spa Mitt. Designed specifically for professional use and carefully crafted with a unique textured weave for effective exfoliation resulting in silky smooth, radiant looking skin. Our durable Mitt also has the benefit of being machine washable at 50° to ensure cleanliness and good hygiene.

Vegan | Professional Use | Machine Washable

Exfoliating Strength = 4 (Coarse).


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  • Removes impurities and cleans pores
  • Smoother, softer, brighter skin tone
  • Encourages Healthy skin cell turnover
  • Naturally stimulates the circulatory system
  • Helps to flush skin tissue with essential nutrients


Exfoliating, Deep Cleansing, Massaging, De-Toxing, Invigorating.


Additional Information


Length: 23cm        Width: 13cm

Depth: 0.8cm        Weight: 24g


74% Polyester

25% Polyethylene, 1% Elastane

Mitt Care

After use, hand rinse thoroughly in clean water, squeeze out any excess and leave to dry naturally away from moisture. Can also be machine washed at 50°

How to Use

  1. Use in the bath or shower.
  2. Wet the Mitt and use your favourite cleansing product.
  3. Massage in circular motions towards the heart applying the desired pressure.
  4. Finish by rinsing skin in lukewarm water.


Do not use on sensitive areas or broken skin.


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