Hydrea London Premium Dual Sided Hand + Nail Brush with Cactus Bristle


Keep your nails and hands clean and healthy with our Premium, natural, sustainable, Dual-Sided Nail Brush. Carefully crafted with FSC® Certified Wood and 100% stiff cactus bristle, our nail brush is designed to work effectively at removing dirt and deep cleansing your nails and hands.

Vegan | FSC® Certified Beechwood | Extra Tough

Exfoliating Strength = 5 (Coarse).


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  • Naturally effective at removing stubborn dirt


Exfoliating, De-Toxing, Deep Cleansing.


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Length: 9.5cm        Width: 3.5cm

Depth: 4.7cm         Weight: 53gr


FSC® Beechwood

Pure Cactus Bristle

Brush Care

Rinse the Nail Brush well, shake off excess water and air dry on a dry surface.

How to Use

  1. Hold the brush under warm water, so the bristles become wet.
  2. Use a hand soap of your choice.
  3. Place the bristles under each fingernail and move from side to side.
  4. Use the top bristles for cleansing stubborn dirt from underneath nails.
  5. Use the underside for exfoliating the hands.


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