Margaret Dabbs Soothing Foot Powder


This delicate, silky, Lemon Myrtle scented corn-silk foot powder keeps the skin of the feet healthy, comfortable and fresh all day long.  With anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it helps to control odour, excess sweating and calms itchiness. Vitamin E helps to reduce inflammation and promotes skin health and hydration.

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Margaret Dabbs London’s delicate lightweight Foot Powder is of the finest cosmetic grade. It is silky in texture and is non pore-clogging. It helps to treat, protect and prevent bacterial and fungal infections of the skin of the feet.  It is designed to control sweating, and neutralise odour and relieves and soothes uncomfortable itchy, inflamed skin on the feet. It is perfect for anyone who experiences itchiness or broken skin between the toes, and for anyone who suffers with interdigital soft corns due to friction and excess moisture between the toes.  It keeps the feet fresh and comfortable and is scented with the delightful sherbet tones of Lemon Myrtle oil.


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