‘Plump & Protect’ Hydrating Day Cream with SPF 30


Start the day the best way. Plump and Protect will plump, hydrate and protect your skin for the day ahead. Whatever the day throws at you. Designed to get as many skin loving ingredients into the skin as possible while also acting as your skin’s bodyguard against skin enemies (skenemies)  UVA, UVB, pollution and blue light.

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Hydrating & Protecting SPF Day Cream

Why I’m Amazing  – Anti-Blue Light, SPF30, Ceramides, Hydrating ingredients

A day cream that will plump and protect with ceramides, hyaluronic acid & glycerin, as well as protecting with innovative anti-blue light, UVA,UVB protection & anti pollution protection just to pack a punch it also contains a patented pigmentation powerhouse two fold formula to help with reduction of pigmentation on the skin while SPF prevents further sun damage.


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