Full Coverage Camoflage Cream


Camouflage cream with a variable finish
  • Camouflage cream with variable coverage for pigment disorder, tattoos, and redness
  • Extremely long lasting and waterproof when used in combination with setting powder
  • Suitable for the refillable Beauty Box
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Camouflage Cream covers flaws in the skin perfectly and reliably and is ideal for special occasions, like photographic or bridal make-up. All colours can be mixed with each other which means the skin colour can be matched exactly. The Camouflage Cream is also an ideal long-term make-up and lasts well even if the surrounding temperature is high.

The cover can be light or heavy – depending on the amount applied and gets waterproof after fixing powder has been applied. It is very practical because Camouflage Creams are available separately, can be combined individually in the refillable magnetic box and those that have been used up can be replaced.

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