Artdeco Couture Lipstick


Ultra soft and smooth lipstick formula with luscious shine
  • Rich color for a luscious, glossy finish
  • Ultra soft and smooth gel-based texture
  • Create a variety of color effects

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The perfect lipstick to wear with a fabulous evening gown in classic red or modest nude—the Art Couture Lipstick embodies everything that makes a lipstick desirable: An ultra soft and smooth texture with luscious shine. Our finest lipstick generation with rich and seductive color combines feminine elegance with a velvety formula. What makes it unique is its texture, which gives the lips a soft and kissable feel. The gel-based formula glides gently and smoothly onto the lips for a beautifully luscious finish. The natural hops extract is characterized by its softening, soothing, and nourishing properties. The pearlescent and color pigments in the texture can be combined in various ways to create new effects: From smooth satin colors to glossy metallic effects—the possibilities are endless! Leaves the lips smooth and supple. The combination of sunflower and polymers creates an even, glossy finish. The ultimate lip experience is rounded off with the enchanting and delightful scent.


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