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Gel Pro Press

The Pro-Press soft gel tip system is a full cover nail tip system. This means that the soft gel tips are already pre-shaped and moulded to fit the entire nail. The system works by adhering the soft gel tips to the natural nail using the soft gel tip adhesive. The Pro-Press system has many benefits. […]

BIAB – Builder in a Bottle

Gel on the natural nail, to give a strong yet flexible hold. BIAB does not extend the nail length. Gel refills are recommended after 2-4 weeks to maintain gel and good health on nails.

Shellac Manicure Remove & Reapply

Removal on Shellac or Gel polish. Cuticle work, Buff and file and reapply Shellac/Gel polish Over 600 Colours to pick from: CND Shellac The Manicure Company Perfect Match Geleration

Shellac Manicure

2 week manicure. Includes filing, shaping, cuticle work and paint. Over 600 colours to choose from: Products include: Shellac Perfect Match The Manicure Company Jessica Geleration

Gel Refills

Refilling the Gel after 2-4 weeks of growth. Gel refills are required to maintain good healthy nails. You can change the Colour, Nail Shape and length.

Acrylic Refills

Refilling the regrowth of Acrylic after 2-4 weeks growth. Required to maintain good healthy nails. You can change the colour, nail shape and length.

Protein Base Manicure

Do weak, soft nails give you nightmares? The prize-winning Indigo Protein Base will take this problem off your shoulders! This product contains proteins’s a extract. Finally you can wear long nails which, thanks to Protein Base will grow stronger and resistant to splitting! Revolutionary Indigo Base Coat will let you enhance the nail or fix […]