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Gel Pro Press

Gel Pro Press

The Pro-Press soft gel tip system is a full cover nail tip system. This means that the soft gel tips are already pre-shaped and moulded to fit the entire nail. The system works by adhering the soft gel tips to the natural nail using the soft gel tip adhesive.
The Pro-Press system has many benefits.


A full set of Pro-Press soft gel tips with gel polish takes on average 45-60 minutes! Ideal for clients who have less time. Plus thanks to the soft gel formulation of the tips and tip adhesive removal takes less time also!


The system’s pre-shaped tips ensure that results are consistent and beautiful each and every set.


Thanks to the systems expertly moulded tips, they are durable and strong. Clients can expect 21+ days of wear from Pro-Press soft gel tips.


The unique formula of a soft gel tip & soft gel adhesive means the Pro-Press system soaks off effortlessly in acetone and causes no damage or trauma to the clients natural nails.