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Body Polish

Body Polish

Body polishing removes dead and dry skin cells, improves cell turnover, and leaves you feeling silky and soft. Cell turnover or rejuvenation is a natural process that your skin regularly goes through to help protect you from outside irritant sand maintain a healthy barrier. When you have a body polishing treatment, cell rejuvenation is encouraged, helping your skin regenerate more quickly. Additionally, the scrubs used in body polishing can help alleviate clogged pores. Dirt, oil, and buildup can be cleared from your pores, benefiting your skin’s texture and appearance.


Sloughing off dead skin cells may sound intense, but it can be quite rejuvenating. As your technician works the polish into your skin, they facilitate blood circulation, helping your system to release and remove toxins. The moisturizing ingredients in the polish nourish, hydrate, and soften your outermost layer. In the end, you’re left feeling refreshed and relaxed — inside and out!

This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple.
Revive skin’s natural softness and glow with this intensely exfoliating treatment.
An ideal way to prepare skin for other treatments, a natural blend of sea salt and the purest oils polishes away dull, dry cells and infuses skin with rich nourishment. Skin feels smooth, supple and looks radiantly healthy.
– Deeply exfoliating
– Re-energises the mind and body
– Instantly boosts skins radiance
– Infuses skin with hydration

This treatment gives an excellent exfoliation all over to improve skin texture and enhance any tanning treatment. Ideal before holidays.