Margaret Dabbs Intensive Anti-ageing Hand Serum


Turn back the clock while you sleep with this unique anti-ageing hand serum treatment. Our Intensive Anti-ageing Hand Serum helps to reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This award-winning anti-ageing hand serum has been clinically proven to promote skin firmness, increase skin elasticity and boost collagen production. Hydrating and soothing, and beautifully scented with Geranium and Mandarin. For optimum results gently stroke a very small amount of serum on the back of your hands every night before you go to sleep.

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Hands are one of the first areas that start to show signs of ageing. If you are looking to slow down the signs of ageing hands then look no further.

Our award-winning overnight anti-ageing hand cream has been formulated to plump, firm and protect the skin whilst leaving hands silky, smooth and replenished.

The intensive overnight hand serum has been designed to turn back the clock while you sleep. Simply place a small amount of the serum on the back of your hands before you go to bed.

As you get older you skin finds it harder to lock in moisture which can lead to wrinkles, dry patches and less in elasticity. Our anti-ageing hand cream will transform your hands, leaving them restored and rejuvenated. Regular use of the hand serum will boost skin elasticity and collagen levels, and promote healthy cell renewal and oxygenation thanks to the Hempseed Oil.

Soy Isoflavones targets the age spots and pigmentation, and Lupin Seed will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your hands will immediately show a visible improvement, the skin will be plump and radiant with a more even skin tone, and the White Water Lily will replenish the skin’s moisture levels. Comfrey will soothe, protect and calm the skin. The anti-ageing hand moisturiser is beautifully scented with vitamin C boosting Mandarin and Geranium leaving your hands feeling and smelling beautiful.

The Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Anti-ageing Hand Serum is available in two sizes; 30ml perfect skincare for on the go, and 150ml supersize to keep by your bedside for everyday use.

Who is it best for?

An overnight treatment to help preserve the condition of the hands and slow the signs of ageing of the skin of the hands. Ideal especially for those who have thin, fine skin of the hands, and those who are showing early signs of ageing of the skin of the hands.