Cream with Peptide Dermonectin that boosts incredible anti-ageing benefits, encouraging collagen production & youthful appearance. Malus Domestic delays cellular ageing while Drieline reduces skin erythema, accelerates skin repair & healing.

ACTION: A powerful healing and regenerating cream that directly activates the process of cell regeneration, enhances your natural skin defence, heals spots from acne and restores skin uniformity and health.

USE: Apply on a cleansed face by gently massaging in all over the face and neck after applying the serum in the morning and / or at night.

Rejuvenating cream suitable for complexions with scars, marks and wrinkles.

It improves the appearance and quality of complexions with wrinkles and scars and it evens out the skin leaving it visibly smoother. It has a special and easily absorbed texture.

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