Voduz ‘Velvet Crown’ – Thermal Conditioning Spray


Fighting a constant battle with frizz? Want to know the Voduz way to keep the humidity at bay?


‘Velvet Crown’ is a thermal conditioning spray that will coat your hair with a lightweight and invisible layer, helping you to fight the frizz and keep your ‘crown’ sleek and shiny for days.

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Velvet Crown is a thermal-activated blow dry aid which will coat your hair in a lightweight and invisible layer. The product will disintegrate into the hair shaft, wrapping fibres around the hair, locking in humidity and help you fight the frizz – All while acting as a heat protector for temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius.

Once applied, the product and its effects will last for up to 3 shampoos, guaranteeing the hair is protected at ALL times.


  • – Suitable for all Hair Types


  • – Fragrance Free
  • – Heat Protector


To achieve best results follow our simple 3 Step Guide and top-tips.

Step 1 – Apply a layer of Velvet Crown to freshly shampooed hair. For fine hair, a thin layer. For thicker hair, apply generously. Section the hair and spray each section from around 3-4 inches away, ensuring all areas of the hair are saturated.

Step 2 – Using the Voduz InVented Brush, brush the product through the hair to evenly distribute.

Step 3 – Using the Voduz ‘Blow Out’ Infrared Hair Dryer, blow dry your hair and let the product work its magic.


Swipe through the photos and let the results SHINE for themselves.


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