Teeth Whitening Powder


Safe, effective and easy to use, our Teeth Whitening Powder has been specially formulated using the latest innovative ingredients to help remove stubborn stains and leave a smooth, fresh, dentist-clean feel.


+ Removes External Stains
+ Peroxide-Free Formula
+ No Harmful Abrasives
+ Fights Bacteria
+ Mint Flavour for Fresher Breath

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Glistening silver in colour, the award-winning Polished London Whitening Paste is a game-changer when it comes to your daily oral care routine. Featuring a thicker consistency compared to regular toothpastes, thanks to our specially concentrated formula and exclusively designed to provide advanced stain removal and gradual, effective teeth whitening whilst freshening breath and fighting bacteria.

Our unique Mouth Cleanse takes luxury to the next level, creating a protective anti-stain shield around your teeth, whilst providing deep anti-bacterial cleaning to purify and freshen breath. Our alcohol-free formula features light reflecting micro particles for a touch of sparkle and the ultimate dual whitening and oral care experience.

Vegan-Friendly. Formulated by UK Dentists.