Discover the impact of skin-friendly bacteria with our Skin Biome Power Duo. Synergised by our skin researchers to combine our best-selling Skin Youth Biome™ and award-winning innovation Skin Clear Biome™ for an ultimate 10-day inner discovery pack.


This limited-edition starter pack features our two pioneering microbiome inspired formulas, designed by Advanced Nutrition Programme™ skin researchers to nurture the connection between gut health and skin health.


Each capsule contains beneficial bacteria strains specifically selected for their benefits to skin. This duo delivers 10 billion active cultures per day to kickstart your journey to clear*, youthful looking and healthy skin.

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The Skin Biome Power Duo contains a 10-day supply of Skin Clear Biome and Skin Youth Biome, designed to be taken together for teamed targeted action. Harnessing innovative microbiome technology to connect gut care and skin care.



·         8 scientifically studied skin-friendly bacteria and yeast strains.

·         10 billion active bacteria cultures

·         Targeted action for clear* skin.

·         Supports collagen formation and reduces fine lines for youthful looking** skin**.

·         10-day course for targeted action

·         Pristinely packaged in aluminum pods h to preserve ingredient integrity.


Free from gluten, artificial flavorings, and colorings. Suitable for vegetarians.